`Esraj Buying Guide’ will help you to get an idea about how to buy Esraj whetehr you are a beginner or a public performer.

FAQ related to Dilruba gives you an insight into the instrument you are planning to buy. If you cannot find answer to the question you have in mind, don’t waste a minute! Send your question to us and we will get back to you within no time.

Whetehr you want to own your first sitar, new sitar, looking for an old, used sitar, or want to take sitar lessons- know about the stringed instrument first, its history and other information. This post will hopefully be helpful for you

Would you like to have information about Mridanga? Right from its history, to how it is played to where it can be bought… to its structureal details – you can find everything about Mridangam here

If you have questions related to Veena that you would like to have answers to, read this section. If your question is not already covered send it to us. We will resolve your doubt and publish the question and answer on the blog.

if you want to buy Sarangi go through this Buying Guide and know how to buy the Indian stringed instrument. THe post will help you buy make a more informed buying decision

Before you go out & buy a Veena for yourself, gather necessary information and get to know about the things to keep in mind before owning one. Nothing clicks like an informed decision!

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This post answers most common as well as unique questions related to Rabab, Q & A. Before you buy Rabab if you’d like to have answers to some questions, go through this post.

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, send us the question, we will ensure your doubts are cleared. We will publsih your question along with the answer on this page.

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If you are looking for a sitar but do not know how to buy one, read this aptly titled post `Sitar Buying Guide’ for geting an insight into the secret!

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Before you buy Punjabi Bhagra Dhol, gather information – Read this post to get a practical insight into the instrument from various aspects

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