This article shares some interesting historical facts and information about Tanpura to help you buy the instrument and get a better insight into it

Would you like to have answers to your quetions realted to dholak before you place an order? Please read this post orwrite to us your question and we assure you of prompt response.

Buy Dilruba online. Learn about dilruba, its history, technical details etc

Q & A related to buying a Sarod. This FAQ has questions about Sarod with answers for you to get a better understanding of the stringed instrument

This section highlights the facts and history of Tabla that will help readers to get a better insight into various facets of this percussion instrument. Read to know more….

An article about how to Buy Dholak? Whetehr you are a beginner or an accomplished dholak player, if you don’t know how to buy the instrument, it doesn’t really help!

If you have questions regarding Esraj our Q & A section has published some questions regarding Esraj with answers. If the question you have in mind does not appear here, feel free to send it to us and we will get back to you with an answer shortly.

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This post has questions about Santoor answered in detail, if you cannot find your question in this FAQ santoor section do send us your question, we will try to resolve your doubt as soon as we can

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How to Buy Santoor is what the `Santoor Buying Guide’ is all about! Read before you buy santoor – whetehr you have experience in buying santoor or are a new buyer, this post will be helpful for one and all

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`Esraj Buying Guide’ will help you to get an idea about how to buy Esraj whetehr you are a beginner or a public performer.

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