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Q. Where to Buy Dilruba?

A. Finding the right dilruba is a task in itself. Ask someone who has ever tried to get one or is looking for one. One advice we give everyone who gets in touch with us is not to buy your dilruba blindly or in haste from just anybody.

Get help of an expert, ask questions to your seller or refer to online resources. Let someone help you choose a good one. Get guidance. Ask questions, check out options. A good dilruba lasts a hundred years. I know people who still have their ancestral dilruba and the sound is amazing.

Q. What to keep in mind while buying Dilruba?

A. Different craftsman make dilruba in different styles. The main problem here is the quality workmanship and craftsman’s attention to details. The most crucial part of the dilruba is its main bridge. The quality of the sound depends a lot on the bride along with shape of sound box and string. While buying dilruba, make sure that the bridges are carefully made & placed. Also ensure that the sound box has some depth and is not be too narrow. The stem or the fingerboard should be proportional to the size of the sound box.

Q. What about the Sound Box?

A. A broad & deep sound box will give dilruba a richer tone and the resonance will be far greater. Where as a flatter and narrower sound box will give the instrument a sharp sound.

Q. What is the role of Strings?

A. Strings play an important role when it comes to quality of sound of the dilruba. If you have just bought a dilruba, let me tell you that the wood needs time to get resonant so don’t think that your strings are flawed and consider changing them. In a few days things do fall in place for most people.  With time and regular use of dilruba the sound quality should get better.

You will start to get control over your bowing once you are able to play some basic compositions. That’s the time when a player is in a position to judge the quality of the sound. So till then don’t change strings, unless of course they break ;).

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