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You can buy Esraj locally if it is available where you stay, or these days even buy it online. Both have their own pros and cons and conveniences and inconveniences.

My advise to those wanting to buy Esraj is very practical, straight forward and most importantly from experience. Before you finalize the seller from whom you will order your Esraj from, make sure you have done your homework. You know all the right questions to ask, and you know how to inspect the instrument yourself, or can get technical help. Someone who can tell the right from the wrong one in terms of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality of sound.

Don’t buy instrument from someone based on recommendation alone. Many of our clients have gone though the experience and have received instruments that had some flaw or the other – as if as a rule!

So don’t’ depend on anyone blindly. If you take some time out and research you will realize at some point of time that your own knowledge in the subject will prove to be most useful and effective. If you have a friend, an Esraj player, teacher who is ready to help you with technical details, take him/her along!

Try looking for an Esraj whose bridge is not too high because bridge affects resonance. Make sure the strings are placed in correct sequence. Let the seller be conveyed that you are aware and he cannot take you for a notice and position them haphazardly.

There are very few sellers who work towards building a reputation. If you have found a place that ships what it promises and responds in time, you are lucky! Some sellers out there are experts at frustrating the person who ahs placed an order with them.

These so called Esraj and other musical instruments dealers have all the answers and excuses in the world and simply refuse to understand that th wrong or flawed instrument can prove to be so disappointing, Also that he has already paid for it and can’t do anything about it.

The best way to steer clear of such a situation is to be up to the mark where your own homework is concerned. When you are buying an Esraj, le t it be an informed decision. Meet people who have bought them, meet sellers, meet, experts, check info oline, visit forums, ask questions… there are many ways to do it. And in the process you might just find the site that meets your expectations and will send you the Esraj you are looking forward to!

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