Harmonium- Buying Guide

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When you buy a harmonium – choose perfection  over price because in the long run quality of the instrument will help in many ways. Look for a harmonium with greater power sustenance ability.

Many people will suggest that you try eBay for buying harmonium, as you can get them cheap over there and that they will be crafted in India. Unless you know how eBay works and seller is rated high, I am personally not too much in favor of eBay.

When you buy your harmonium – from the shop or online, ask the shop for written assurance that it is a well tuned instrument lest you will return the instrument. The only real problem with scale changers is that they are made with uncured wood. If the wood is cured, your scale changer will work well as you continue to work on it and as time goes

Sometimes you may face a situation where when you bought the harmonium it sounds fine but suddenly you hear a buzz. Well, there is actually little to worry about this one in most cases. The buzz sound mostly happens due to change in temperature or moisture level. And can be fixed quite easily.

The main problem when you opt for a cheap harmonium is that it makes a very loud “key click” that can ruin a track especially if you are using the instrument for recording music. So it better to spend a little extra and get a good quality harmonium.

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