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Q. It is often heard that harmonium is a delicate instrument. How?

A. The harmonium has a number of delicate parts made of cloth or leather. These help to control and maintain the air within chambers and the bellows. They are usually held together with water soluble glues. Therefore it is important that they are exposed to extreme temperature or moisture. This makes them delicate instruments.

One also needs to be very careful of curious children. There are a number holes and vents on the harmonium that are perfect for small fingers, pencils, etc! Any holes in the bellows, or cloth vent covers will cause air leaks in the chambers and your harmonium will lose its sound quality, if not sound altogether and will need repair.

The instrument is hand-crafted and made of wood, which means it reacts to the changes in moisture level and temperature. Even changes in the wooden parts can cause the reeds to buzz. It has to be cleaned with damp soft cloth form time to time by someone while taking utmost care.

Q. Why do Harmoniums sometimes arrive with air leakages?

A. Because they have not been closed properly, and the  air is not pressed out completely before packing and shipping them, that is the reason harmoniums arrive buyers with air leakages.

When your harmonium consignment arrives check that it does not come with air leaks in the bellows. If the keys are pressed before closing a bellow, it will remove all the air from the inner bellows and this will avoid leakages.

Harmoniums are especially a great choice for a beginner who is starting out. This instrument give an amazingly good sound and produces great music. A beginner with little skill or experience can learn to use it. The mellow, warm-sounding tone blends well with the human voice; which makes them especially suitable when it comes to individual and group singing alike.

Q I am new to Indian musical instruments. Do you think Harmonium is a good choice for someone who is new to learning Indian musical instrument?

Harmoniums give an amazing amount of good sound and music, even for the beginner with little skill or experience. Their mellow, warm-sounding tone blends well with the human voice; thus they are especially well-suited for individual or group singing.

Q.What are different Harmonium Accessories?

A.If you are ordering a harmonium with foot pedal ask for a stand with adjustable width. They should be sturdy and have strength. Ask for stand suitable for playing with sitting or standing position.

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