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Naal is a wooden two-headed drum. Heads held in place and tuned by bolts. Player holds the Naal horizontally and it is played with both heads. Naal is amongst the msot popular percussion instruments in India that are commonly used in folk music & during marriage celebrations.

The shells of naal are manufactured in Uttar Pradesh in India. The craftsman use locally grown Neem and rosewood tree wood. The heads are covered and fitted with goatskin with the help of nuts and bolt hardware which also helps in tuning the instrument. Nuts used in Naal can be tuned with a standard wrench.

This a percussion instrument is similar to Pakhawaj the only difference being that it is shorter than Pakhawaj in length. It is considered to be a hybrid instrument for the reason that on one side it has a high pitch Tabla head, and Dholak’s low pitch skin on the other.

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