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Pakhawaj For Sale

Pakhawaj is one of the most majestic sounding Indian percussion instruments that generate a resonance and music of the Mogul courts.

When you buy Pakhawaj, like before buying any other instrument, be updated – have a clue. Be clear about what you are looking for, understand your requirements.

If you are a student planning to learn the instrument, your teacher or guide are the best people to assist you. If you are a performer check out options available, features, prices, and make the right choice. What is the price you are ready to pay, the quality you expect, and so on.

If you are not sure ask questions. Ask whether the goatskin membranes are looped with leather thongs around the hollowed barrel or not.

Examine the instrument to find out whether it has eight pieces of two inch wooden round stock are pried between thongs and barrel and are hammered tightly or not.

The treble skin should be fitted with three concentric rings of hardened black paste. This helps to create a sound resonant with harmonics.

Make sure that instrument’s both sides are carefully tuned.  The bass skin is tuned to lower tonic and by applying a ball of dough from whole-fibre wheat.

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