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First and foremost – see if you can find someone wanting to do away with his Sarod for some reason. Meaning look for a second hand Sarod! If you are lucky and get your hands on a vintage instruments in good shape, it’s the way to go!

It can turn out to be the best bargain. The 2nd best option is – if you know someone who is a Sarod player, try and convince them to accompany you for the purchase.

Sarods may vary in weight. Teak is heavier than toon wood Sarod and not recommended for beginners.  Remember that weight variation in Sarod is not minimal and if you do not pay attention – you can end up with a heavy teak instrument and may finally not know what to do with it or find it difficult to handle.

Have a good or at least standard budget in mind before you set out to buy Sarod and then look for best options available. There is little point in settling for a cheap version and then not having the motivation or enthusiasm to use it or take your lessons on it because of poor tonal quality or other technical flaws. If this is something long term and serious, shell out the money now.

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