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Sarod is a folk musical instrument that was has found place and recognition in Hindustani classical music too.

Sarod has been around for around 200 years or less and has evolved in many ways in terms of shape and size to suit the musician’s style. The most important development in the instrument is the replacement of the wooden, fretted neck with a smooth polished-steel fingerboard which allows the characteristic slides that are used extensively at the beginning of a composition to establish the raga. Likewise the gut strings are also replaced by steel.

The sarod has numerous strings, Amongst them there are four strings used for playing the melody, two drone strings and two chikari strings. The lowest string is made from bronze and creates a deep, powerful sound, “full of passion”. In short sarod comprises some drone strings some played, and some sympathetic strings. It is played with a peak made of coconut shell.

Some Sarods, like the one from Afghan, are made from mulberry wood, however most are made from teak. Teak gives a fuller, richer tonal quality. The front of the wooden belly of Sarod is covered with goat skin.

The technique of tuning remains same more or less as other stringed instruments. Depending upon the raag that is going to be played on it and sometimes also number of players performing together.

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