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The Sitar, an adaptation from Veena is one of the ancient Indian instruments which was designed some 600 years ago. It originated from Middle East that was first built under Medieval Muslim influence. The Sitar has gone though many modifications right from the tuning and stringing of the instrument to new designs and techniques brought about in the instrument by the masters.

Body of Sitar is made of a dried out pumpkin neck is made of Tun or Sheasham wood, and to provide resonance, dried gourd is placed at the top of the neck. It has 7 strings on the upper part of the body and 11 or 12 sympathetic strings under the frets.  In all the Sitar has 19 strings, 20 frets and an amazing sound

Before buying Sitar do have a reasonable budget in mind. You would rather go for a good quality sitar than settling for a cheap mass-produced instrument made of glorified firewood that you will finally realize is unplayable.

If you have a cheap sitar and realize that to change the scale it causes your fret to run up against the peg it means what you own is a pre-drilled sitar. A quality craftsman on the other hand will fit the pegs, frets, and bridge himself.

Get all the information you can about Sitar, understand what will be best for you, what should you expect within the budget you have set for it, compare prices and quality, ask questions, seek help from a person who has experience in buying Sitar, & then place an order.

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