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Tanpura is an Indian long-necked musical instrument used as a drone. When you buy one make sure it is the right one and suitable for you. Your choice of tanpura will depend upon many facts, like whether you are a professional musician and need it for your public performance, semi-professional player or a beginner.

While buying Tanpura consider the quality of material used, including strings. All these affect the sound quality and also make the instrument sturdy or delicate depending on material used.

If you are a teacher or a beginner a sturdy one will suit you better but for public performances more emphasis should be on final quality of sound.

The drone may appear to be trivial, but it really is not. It provides a firm harmonic base for the music. The buyer has to understand before buying a Tanpura that the Indian drones may utilize anything from a single note to all of the notes of the scale.  You should be aware that the complexity of the drone has an important bearing upon the feel of the performance and then order the Tanpura.

As an aspiring buyer of  Tanpura you also have to understand the impact that a size of the instrument is likely to have on sound quality of the instrument. Large-sized “male” tanpura is usually tuned around low C and medium-sized “female” tanpura around low G. The smallest Tanpura – the “instrumental” tanpura is tuned around middle C. Understand that as tanpuras decrease in size, it becomes less resonant.

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