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Veena For Sale

First and foremost collect information about the kind of Veena you are looking for and why would the particular Veena is good for you. Then start checking out features of the Veena you’d like to buy, compare prices and so on…

When you are setting out to Buy Veena, know the difference beween a good and bad Veena. A good quality Veena is crafted from a single piece of wood, and the ordinary Veena on the other hand is crafted in three sections – the resonator, the neck and the head.

The narrow, hollow neck of Veena contains metal frets set into wax on wooden tracks. One more resonator is present on the top of the long neck of the Veena. It has seven strings of steel along with 19 to 21 frets or supports. Depending upon the number of strings in the Veena, there are several variations of the Veena.

Also find out whether you are looking for a Tanjore Veena, Andhra Traditional Veena or Mysore Veena? Check out features of each one and check out the finer nuances.

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