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I have heard that are several types and varieties of Veena. What are they?

There are two varieties of Veena– the Sruti Veena and the Swara Veena. Sruti Veenas were used for showing different Srutis but full fledged instrumental veena concert is performed on the Swara Veena. These Veenas got many transformations in course of centuries.

Then there are two Veenas’ called, the Chitra and Vipanchi – which are major Veena and second type is, the Kachapi and Ghoshtaka which is considered as minor Veena. Chitra Veena has seven strings meant for seven notes, played with fingers, and Vipanchi has nine strings and is played with Kona.

Look for information on Gottuvadhyam Veena, Mohan Veena, Vichitra Veena, and Rudra Veena.

What is a standard measurement for Veena?

Veena is about four feet long, comprising a rather large resonator that is carved out of jackwood, with a tapering hollow neck, and topped with 24 brass or bell-metal frets set in wooden box.

A small table-like wooden bridge measuring 2 x 2½ x 2 inches is topped by a convex brass plate glued in place with resin. Two rosettes that were earlier made of Ivory have undergone a modification and is now done in plastic or horn, are on the top board of the resonator.

What if I want to order Veena from India?

Buying it here, buying it there – both options have their own advantages & disadvantages. And Veena is too large an instrument and risk involved in shipping runs high.

Besides the quality and cost of Veena, the vendor you are buying your Veena from would be the best one to give you details about the freight and other logistics and charges. There is going to be an extra and a reasonably fair charge for things like insurance and packing. As a result of this the cost of Veena could go high. Shipping is one reason that it is so much convenient, easy, and cheaper to buy it here. There are custom delays, shipping hassles…

If you have questions concerning Veena –  whether it is about tuning your Veena, fixing a flaw, or buying a new one, if you’d like help jsut send us your question and we shall get back to you asap.

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